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Poor Boy Pit Bike Invitational

A one of kind race

The Poor Boy Invitational is a one of a kind pit bike race created by 846 MotoSports. 

We will have 2 mini moto classes using the Poor Boy class rules and the Limited class rules from Masters of Mini. There will be 2 races per class using the 2 moto format for the MX challenge. The races will be:

MX Challenge - Everyone will race around the motocross track in its normal direction. The track consists of Table tops, doubles, flat corners, berms, rollers, whoops, and some elevation changes.

Big Wood Time Trial - This will be the mini version of JDay, motocross Track plus a woods loop. The woods loop weaves back and forth on the hill side around boulders and trees. Fastest top 3 times for each class wins.

This will be a solid amount of seat time for everyone involved, which brings us to awards !! We will award the following:

MX Track- Top 3 in each class (normal trophy)

Big Wood- Top 3 in each class (normal trophy)

Grand Champion -  combined overall score for both classes (really big trophy)

So after all the chaos of racing motos, we'll have a bonfire to celebrate the madness with BYOB !!

How do you get an invite ? There will be a few ways to get an invite:

You actively race Masters of Mini 

Attended the 2019 Masters of Mini banquet

Frequent customer

We are hoping to get at least 14-20 riders per class,hopefully there will be multiple riders going for the grand champion trophy (5 motos, hell yeah) !!  We will release a date and further info later in the 2020 Masters of Mini season, plus start sending out invites !! 

*We are gonna try to pick a date where riders from far away can participate, like the day after a Masters race.